No one is ever ready to lose someone they love or admire. Any death, whether anticipated or unexpected, elicits similar reactions. First Corinthian Baptist Church (FCBC) provides an atmosphere where people can reach out for help and feel comfortable in knowing that we will respond to their needs.


Notify the church on the passing of a family member or loved one. In addition to providing a venue for the celebration of your beloved, we are here to provide support and grief care.

If you seek to have a home going (funeral) or memorial service here at FCBC:

We will discuss the appropriate date and time for your viewing and funeral service. It is preferred that funerals take place in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays with an hour viewing to precede the home going service.

We will review what types of arrangements are needed for the funeral such as choosing music selections, media support, an officiant, and ushers.

The order of worship must be approved by an FCBC Pastor prior to printing. A template for FCBC approved services will be provided. Songs selections are subject to change at the discretion of officiant.

  • The bereaved family will be charged $500 for the usage of the sanctuary for the funeral services. Additionally, the bereaved family must cover all applicable cost for the Minister ($200), one musician ($150), and one audio technician ($150) and a (optional) live stream technician ($150).

All Masonic, Eastern Star, Sorority or Fraternal organizational services must be pre-approved and cleared by an FCBC Pastor.


Contact: Sharón Joseph at (212) 864-5976 x 131 or

There are so many other things to consider when planning arrangements such as:

  • Traveling arrangements to the cemetery,
  • Selecting pallbearers,
  • Determining if you want flowers or would rather have donations sent to a special charity in memory of your loved one
  • We can provide you with some resources that will assist you.


Our care for you through this experience of grief extends beyond the day of the funeral. When a loved one dies and you need help making sense of your experience grief, we are here for you. Our church family provides spiritual guidance, grief care and counseling for all ages.

  • For a spiritual guidance appointment please call Sharón Joseph at or (212) 864-5976 x 131
  • For free counseling, The Hope Center, our Mental Wellness Facility, can be reached at (347) 778-7610 or


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